Academy for Coaching and Training (ACT) is a global consultancy delivering cognitive-behavioral oriented performance coaching, training, and assessments. The consultancy’s mission is to maximize individual and group performance and productivity through a cognitive-behavioral approach critical reflection, cognitive restructuring, data-driven decision making and action-centered learning.

Our methods focus on understanding how, why, and in what contexts adults construct meaning relative to goals, productivity, and action.

ACT consultants are guided by four principles of client engagement:

  • Know the client's industry
  • Build and validate solutions using a collaborative, multi-consultant approach
  • Deliver services and solutions using recognized adult learning-centered and cognitive-behavioral strategies
  • Ensure that services and solutions are simply designed, clearly articulated, readily executable, and systematically measurable

ACT consultants give their full attention to clients. Consultants continually assess, align and measure training and coaching progress toward achieving client goals and improving outcomes - in turn increasing client value. This methodology is a hallmark of ACT’s unparalleled and uncompromising commitment to its clients. Our success in enabling clients to achieve their performance goals has led to long-term, repeat consulting engagements accompanied by countless new client referrals.

ACT consultants recognize and respect clients’ budget requirements, organizational constraints, and achievement deadlines. Therefore, consultants partner with clients to customized fiscally scalable and organizationally manageable services and solutions with an eye on client flexibility and immediate benefits. ACT also provides extended engagements, enhanced intervention and customized post-engagement individual and group assessments, coaching, and presentations.

ACT asserts that the power and potential inherent in its coaching and training methods promotes rational and critical thinking, enables defined and directed action, and accelerates professional growth and achievement. The result? Clients are empowered to survive, sustain and win in their markets


Success is the Destination
Authors: Esther Muller,
Co-Founder of Academy for Coaching and Training & Master Coach; Michael Williams, PhD,
Co-Founder of Academy for Coaching and Training & Board Certified Coach
118 Pages   PB   5.5 x 8.5 Dimension   © 2012
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BUY IT NOW, Success is the Destination

The book in a nutshell:
Entrepreneurs are visionaries. America’s economic greatness is testament to the power and potential of our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. Coaches can assist you in developing the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to realize or revitalize the spirit of entrepreneurship now. Get coached; Get results!
Success is the Destination!